Its the responsibility of every brand, old and new, to be aware of it's footprint and how it effects the Planet and ultimately it's current and future customers. Whether it's investing in the development of more sustainable yarns or investing in it's factory workers, the time has come for every brand to make a change.

Druthers' mission is to provide perfect fitting Mens basics and underwear made in New York City and Japan using sustainable materials. We see the next decade as being one of responsible action in fashion and setting examples for the next generation.


From the dump to your rump

Our first line of Boxer Briefs and Trunks were created using Recover Yarn. A proprietary blend of yarn which comes from recycled cotton from thrown away clothing combined with polyester which is derived from shredded PET1 plastic bottles. We also added Modal in our Black and White yarn which is sustainably sourced from the Beech Tree. The end product with all color ways are extremely soft and the fit has been perfected many times over.

With each pair of Boxer Briefs or Trunks, we're saving approximately 300 gallons of water by not using virgin cotton and saving a few hundred bottles of plastic from hitting a dump or the ocean.

Found Fabric = Clean Conscience

All of our boxer shorts are numbered on the back. These numbers relay back to a total number of pieces produced and ultimately the balance of 100% organic cotton fabric rolls purchased through our suppliers in Japan. This means we're not creating new raw cotton fibers from scratch or going through a dying and printing process which can be toxic. We're simply finding beautiful, luxurious fabric in the market and putting it to good use until the fabric rolls have come to an end. Our goal is to use only organic cotton or recycled cotton by the end of 2016 across all categories.

Recycled Yarn Socks

Our first line of recycled cotton and organic cotton socks shipped August, 2016 from an hour north of Tokyo Japan. We toured each facility and were able to witness the process. Japan's knit manufacturing capabilities are second to none. The sustainable yarns we sourced are ideal and the fit is nice. To offset carbon over the long voyage we donated to several carbon neutral projects:

Made in NYC

Working side by side (literally) with our underwear manufacturers is an important part of our business model and overall strategy as a brand. That can mean trimming threads at the end of a production run or laying down fabric in the beginning. Its crucial that we approach our manufacturing in a positive light and get to know everyone creating our garments. This means we work with a factory which has an open door policy, well paid workers and an overall positive environment. We highly value this as it clearly shows up in the quality of our products.


We've partnered with Eco Enclose to create all of our shipping supplies. The corrugated boxes and poly mailers used come from 100% post-consumer & post-industrial material. They're fully recyclable, compostable and are made in the USA. We also partnered with a packaging supplier to create 100% recycled packaging on our belly bands and boxes. Check out Eco-Enclose at

Stay tuned for more as we grow later this year.