Spotlight #2: Felix Schaper

Photographer & Founder FUTUR|Paris, France

In this section we highlight people close to us who offer inspiration for the brand, directly or otherwise. These are people who are doing extraordinary things in their respective fields of art, design, music, technology and sport.

Felix is co-founder of Parisian clothing brand FUTUR Inc and currently runs all creative direction for the brand. In addition, Felix is a photographer by trade shooting campaigns for brands like BOSTON CLUB Japan. He's also done multiple expositions over the years and will be releasing a book very soon. To see FUTUR and more of Felix' work, check: and 

Spotlight #1: Dominic Sondag

Dominic Sondag|Clothing Designer|NYC

Born and raised in San Francisco CA, Dominic Sondag has always had an innate appreciation for clothing and art. Sondag first studied graphic design in Florence, Italy. Pursuing a career in fashion design in Europe, Sondag moved to New York City to work with Engineered Garments where he worked with both the production and design/development teams. Through his interaction with Engineered Garment's renowned designer Daiki Suzuki, he enhanced his knowledge of and appreciation for vintage clothing. Currently, Sondag works at the factory we share and has developed his first collection for Spring/Summer 2016. The collection is inspired by the dreams and realizations of extraordinary travels around the World. Guided by the principal of being comfortable and at ease in your clothing at all times and for occasions ranging from active to more formal events. It exemplifies diversity and versatility, yet remains harmonious and balanced. The fabrics for the collection are 100% natural fibers, i.e., linens, cottons and 100% natural blends. s.k manor hill debuts in Spring 2016. For more info: